Rangers Acquire Koji Uehara

The Texas Rangers needed a relief pitcher to bridge the gap to closer Neftalit Feliz. They got that when they picked up relief pitcher Koji Uehara from the Baltimore Orioles.
Uehara, 36, had a 1.72 ERA in 43 games out of the Birds pen. He will likely serve as a setup man for the aforementioned Feliz.
Baltimore gets two established Major Leauge players in first baseman Chris Davis and pitcher Tommy Hunter.

Davis is a first baseman who can  play third base as well. He has the potential to hit a lot of homeruns seeing as he hit 17 in the first 80 games of his career. He hit 21 the next year in 113 games. Point is: guy’s got pop.

The other player, Tommy Hunter, is a starting pitcher who has the ability to make an impact. He won 13 games a year ago, opposed to only 4 losses in 22 starts and one relief outing. Both players are still young, each being 25 years old, and will look to help Baltimore rebuild.
This trade could also signal the end of the brief Derek Lee era, if you will, in Baltimore. Davis plays first, and while the new Oriole hasn’t exactly killed the ball in his last couple seasons they could move Lee in order to start him.
Lastly, I love this trade for Baltimore. Uehara was having a good year and had a reasonable contract left next year, but the O’s now get a guy who won 13 games just last year and a guy who has hit 20 homeruns in a season. The other good thing is that these guys will help Baltimore now and later. This isn’t going to be a big waiting game for a prospect. These guys can help now. And the experience doesn’t hurt either.

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