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Braves Acquire Michael Bourn

The Braves needed a leadoff hitter, so naturally they went and acquired one of the best ones on the market and in general in Michael Bourn.
Bourn, 28, who previously was the centerpiece of the Brad Lidge trade is now going to Atlanta. Atlanta needed a leadoff hitter and a guy who can steal a lot of bases. Bourn is that guy. The Braves have only 42 stolen bases. Bourn has 39. So that should automatically help them. Atlanta has been short of a perennial leadoff hitter since Rafael Furcal left via free agency in 2004.
Houston gets outfielder Jordan Schafer along with AAA pitcher Juan Abreu as well as AA pitchers Brett Oberholtzer and Paul Clemens. Schafer still has a lot of potential and has a .240 stat line with a homerun and seven runs batted in to go along with 15 steals in 52 games. All three minor league pitchers that the Astros got will likely make it to the big leagues.

So just a recap-
Braves Acquire-
OF Michael Bourn

Astros Acquire- 
Jordan Schafer OF
Juan Abreu  AAA Pitcher
Brett Oberholtzer AA Pitcher
Paul Clemens  AA Pitcher

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