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Players the Detroit Tigers Could Move at the Trade Deadline

Even with all the evidence pointing towards selling, the Detroit Tigers will more than likely be a buyer at the upcoming trade deadline. Most of the reasoning behind selling has to do not only with the team’s .500 record, but Read More

Players the Tigers Should Target at the Trade Deadline: Tyler Clippard and Scott Kazmir

With the baseball season reaching its annual All-Star break, things aren’t exactly ginger-peachy in the Motor City. The win-now Detroit Tigers own a .500 record at 44-44 and are nine games out of first place. Given the Tigers’ recent track Read More

Know Hitter is on Tumblr!

Hey gang, Know Hitter is now on Tumblr, go follow the site on its latest Social Media adventure- Here’s the link- http://knowhitterwebsite.tumblr.com/ You can also view it here.

March Madness Recep: Bracket Check, Gonzaga's Future

Here’s a list of links to my bracket. I didn’t exactly ace it.  For Gonzaga fans, here’s a look at GU’s future and what to expect for next season.  Speaking of next season and the future, here’s a look at Read More

Tigers Opening Day #Vine Highlights: Cespedes, Nathan, Price

Baseball is back people! Here’s some quick Vine highlights from the Tigers 4-0, Opening Day win over the Minnesota Twins. First, Yoenis Cespedes pulling an absolute robbery. Opening Day Intros And the strikeout to end the game. For the top Read More

NBA Trade Deadline Winners: Detroit Pistons

Winner: Detroit Pistons While some trade deadline deals are made with only the current season in mind (rentals!), this year’s deadline featured many players (Michael Carter-Williams, Enes Kanter and Isaiah Thomas) who’ll be integral parts of their new team’s future Read More

NBA Trade Deadline Winner: Boston Celtics

Winner: Boston Celtics Like Philadelphia and Houston, the Boston Celtics were particularly active at the NBA Trade Deadline, taking advantage of Phoenix’ point guard mess by stealing Isaiah Thomas. They also moved Tayshaun Prince back to Detroit for Jonas Jerebko Read More