The Mets Need to Trade RA Dickey NOW

It isn’t often that the reigning Cy Young winner is the subject of trade speculation the offseason after winning the award. But it also isn’t often that the reigning Cy Young winner is 38 years old and is in the midst of so-far unsuccessful contract negotiations.

Welcome to the Mets world.

Normally, a winner of the Cy Young award would be a player that a team, especially a rebuilding one like the Mets, builds around. But, despite being a knuckleballer, it’s tough to build around a 38 year old. Ergo the Mets need to trade him.

Recent hauls for former Cy winners have been everywhere from bountiful (Roy Halladay, Zack Greinke) to distasteful (CC Sabathia, Jake Peavy). Either way, the team moving their ace has received a substantial package of players with high potential to build around.

The Mets certainly need this. They need help at every position outside of third base. The rotation looks to be solid long term with Matt Harvey, Zach Wheeler, Jenrry Mejiia and Dillon Gee manning spots for the next couple years.

With the rotation being somewhat of a strength, or at least deep enough so that the Mets can sustain the loss of a player at that position, and New York going nowhere fast, it seems like the opportune time to trade Dickey.

New York could use a return of position players, or pitching even to bolster their team for the long term. Look at the Kansas City Royals, deemed as a young team with some potential. They made the Greinke trade and have the look of a team that could challenge for a playoff spot in the next few years.

The Mets need this kind of outlook, because building around a 38 year-old for the foreseeable future just isn’t going to work.

What do you think? Should the Mets trade RA Dickey?

30 thoughts on “The Mets Need to Trade RA Dickey NOW

  1. Only if it’s a “knock your socks off” type of deal, otherwise you don’t trade him just to trade him. There are no guarantees for sure, but you have to be reasonably certain that whoever you get back for him measurably improves your team. It makes no sense to trade him if it doesn’t make your team better, or makes it worse.

  2. The Mets stink. Plain and simple. What’s the point of holding on to Dickie when you’re not even close to contending?

    You might as well trade him while he’s hot so you can get great prospects to build the team for the future.

  3. The Mets stink. Plain and simple. What’s the point of holding on to Dickie when you’re not even close to contending?

    You might as well trade him while he’s hot so you can get great prospects to build the team for the future.

  4. Not going to get a Greinke type haul on a 38 year old Knuckleball pitcher who for the most part of his career has been average. He is 61-56 with a 3.98 career ERA . Up until the last 3 years he has been a very below average pitcher. Good luck on the Greinke type haul

    • I agree that it’s difficult to get a good haul for a 38 year old, but that’s my point, the Mets need to sell high on him because of his age and get a good return. I wouldn’t rule out a trade to a contender desperate for starting pitching, Nick brings up an interesting point about the Blue Jays and the possibility there.

    • Not sure what exactly they are asking for, but it would probably be fair to ask for everything and the kitchen sink if not close to it from the Mets point of view. One of the Jays young catchers and some combination, or one of Morrow, Romero or Drabek might get it done.

      • Arencibia and Drabek is a done deal from a Jays fan. I’d even chuck in a B prospect if that’s what it took.

        Morrow and Romero aren’t going anywhere though. Very different values on all these guys.

      • The Mets want D’Arnaud. They’ve got enough pitching at AA and above to make 3 quality rotations.They’ve got so many good pitchers that their minor league system can’t hold them. What they need is outfield power bats (at least 1 young) and a GOOD catcher that’s ML-ready. .

      • Firstly, any deal for one of the Jays young catchers not named Travis wouldn’t be asking for everything and the kitchen sink. Secondly, when the Mets primary needs are, so obviously, position players, why would you ask for only 1 position player and a pitcher. The Mets should be asking for something like D’Arnaud, Gose, and a lower level prospect like Kevin Pillar. If the Jays refuse to part with D’Arnaud, a package of Bonifacio, Gose and Arencibia would get it done too. Are those “knock-your-socks-off” deals? Maybe not, but they give the Mets exactly the things they need to improve the team.

  5. If no trade imminent than sign him and if by June there are contenders still interested let them show their cards. Dickey more attractive as a signed for 3 year guy versus a one year then free agent guy to both the Mets and whomever wants him.

      • They’d be very lucky just to get Myers straight up fro Dickey. Myers is one of the top prospects in all of baseball. The Royals said they might trade Myers for both Dickey and Niese

      • Dickey for Myers straight up would be a great deal. He’s a difference maker, like Sandy said, one you could build your team around. I’d seek additional prospects to build the team around elsewhere. Which would you prefer, Myers straight up or Jarrod Dyson, Jake Odorizzi and Jorge Bonifacio?

      • I’d probably take Myers in that situation, Mets would probably love the pitching, but they desperately need young outfielders. Especially one like Myers.

  6. I agree with Foster. If they can get good value for him, then go for it, since his value is sky high right now. If not, then keep him.

    This should be win-win for the Mets but then again, we are talking the Mets and I’m sure they’ll find a way to eff this up.

  7. this is why i hate being a met fan theres dee gordon out there theres wil myers if u cant get one of those guys for ra dickey trade niese make some moves to up grade ur team and stop being a laughing stock

    • That could work, I think the Mets would love to improve their outfield, and Rasmus would certainly do that. They might want more in terms of prospects, but I like the thinking.

      • I like Bonifacio better than Rasmus. Not as much pop but more speed. He’s a far better outfielder than infielder, although his versatility is quite valuable. He’d be a fine table setter in the leadoff spot and would do well patrolling the wide open spaces of CF in Citifield. We would want more than a couple of lower level prospects with him ti make the deal work.

  8. him and david wright 3 and 4 thats a nasty 1 2 punchi also think they should of mad a play at ben revere hes going to be a great leadoff hiter

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