Spite: Why Again, is the Sonics’ History in OKC?

Oh yeah, spite. That’s the answer, or at least that’s my take on it. You see, not only have we (Seattle) lost our team, but in a matter of years the Raiders are in the NBA Finals. So, not only does that irk me (that’s the PG version), but I should also point out that all of the Sonics’ history is owned by Clay Bennett and his “posse”.

So, assuming you’re still following along after that painfully short lead-in, here is my perception:  spite. Yes, spite. Why else would you want to take a team’s history? When Seattle gets a team back (looking at you Stern), I don’t want that team’s history. That’s their history; they accomplished it, and they deserve to have it.

Say your team is gone along with its history. Say you’ve had some Hall of Fame worthy players as well. Now let’s say that those players’ jerseys were never retired and that the history, as stated, is owned by somebody else. Welcome to our world readers who aren’t Northwesterners and/or Sonics fans. Gary Payton’s jersey was never retired, and the ability to retire it now lies in the hands of Clay Bennett. And that’s what bugs me. Bennett isn’t going to retire the Glove’s jersey. Even if he did, GP has said he doesn’t want it retired in OKC. So basically, the jersey is useless in OKC’s hands. And that’s what bugs me. They know that they weren’t going to do anything with the jerseys of guys like Payton and Kemp, not to mention the 1979 NBA Championship Trophy. But they own the history nonetheless. Which seems spiteful to me.

You’ll notice that I don’t refer to OKC as their actual nickname, and more accurately call them the Raiders. They are in fact just that, Raiders, who took the team and the history.

A quick side slant at Bennett and Stern here. Stern named Bennett the head of the NBA Relocation Committee. That might be the worst hiring since the Knicks brought in Isaiah Thomas. Or maybe even worse.

Another  thing that is bothersome (again, being PG rated here) is that every time I watch the NBA playoffs, they throw out stats like “OKC’s first playoff (put accomplishment here) in over 15 or 20 years.” That’s also a load of bahooey (again PG), because it wasn’t OKC. It was the Sonics.

And just to clear things up, I’ve got no ill will towards the Thunder players or coaches. Most of them weren’t in Seattle, but the people I do have a problem with are Bennett and his “posse”.


And Stern.

3 thoughts on “Spite: Why Again, is the Sonics’ History in OKC?

  1. Seattle definitely got a raw deal and totally unintentionally, the Thunder’s success is now rubbing their nose in it.

    I’d be interested in finding out how many Seattle residents are actually Thunder fans.

    As you suggest, probably not many.

    • Yah, probably not a lot. I have seen a few people in OKC gear in and around Seattle though. They’re definitely swimming upstream with that one. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Though I like Durant, Westbrook, Hardin, etal, I can not stand the thought of OKC winning the title and Stern presenting the trophy to THAT GUY. Stern and THAT GUY are underhanded *****. I was under the impression that the city of Seattle retained the name Sonics, and the green and gold colors, as well as team history. It is all somewhat hazy how they can tie into our Sonics. I was around before Seattle had a team, and spent many nights watching Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Chamberlain,Bill Russell, Walt frazier, Bill Bradley, and all those guys from 1967 to the end. Yes we were robbed, but not only by Stern and THAT GUY, but by the city of Seattle, the governor, and all politicos.Good post. I agree with your sentiments.

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