Prince Fielder Grades

The Tigers will Sign Prince Fielder ……… Holy schnikies!!!

The Tigers signed him, they didn’t commit “fiscal insanity”. They jumped in at the last minute as the darkhorse team to get the big fish. Much like their acquisition of Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers swooped in at the eleventh hour, so to speak.

Detroit- A

Detroit is the clear winner here. Not only has Victor Martinez been viably replaced for this year, but the Tigers have found yet another top line bat to pair with Miguel Cabrera. This could become messy at the end of Fielder’s contract, as it might be with Cabrera. The thing that might make the contract bearable is the fact that both guys can hit. Yes, that’s a bit obvious, but listen to this: if Cabrera can hit now, and that’s his forte by the way, as can Fielder, think about if all they do is hit at the tail end of their contract. Hank Aaron (A Miguel Cabrera comparison) still hit forty home runs and hit .300 when he was thirty nine. Thirty nine years young. Cabrera’s deal ends in 2015. He isn’t going to be thirty nine then, but he is still going to hit. Fielder is in the same boat. He isn’t drawing the same comparisons. But he’s going to hit for a while.

Milwaukee – D+

Milwaukee lost their face of the franchise. They might lose Ryan Braun for 50 games due to a PEDs. They replaced the two of them with Aramis Ramirez and presumably Mat Gamel or someone like that. That’s a real nice pitch to season ticket holders, “come see Aramis Ramirez, T-Plush and a guy who has yet to hit his prime!” (Note the heavy, and I mean heavy, sarcasm.)

Seattle – C-

The M’s traded for Jesus Montero. He’s there future now. The M’s probably would have been a little reluctant to invest in Fielder with Montero and fellow trade-centerpiece Justin Smoak in town. All three are probably the same type of guy, and the latter two are younger and cheaper (the M’s new motto, also see lack of power). Fielder is probably an upgrade over Smoak, as he is over most anyone let alone Smoak. It probably would have been nice for Seattle fans (not myself) to hear something like “We tried, we offered him a big deal, but we tried.” Seattle may never have been in the race and were just media fodder, but still it would have been nice to hear an “I tried.”

Washington Nationals- B

The Nationals gave Jayson Werth a ridiculous contract. Ridiculous. To put that much into Fielder might have been a stretch. Now Fielder and Werth aren’t the same players, but it’s a lot of cash to go around. The Nationals also have the present and future to think about. Bryce Harper is probably going to play in a corner outfield spot. Werth is already in one spot. Mike Morse is at first along with Adam LaRoche. Granted most any guys would probably be moved out of the way to make way for Fielder (read anyone not named Miguel Cabrera). Morse and LaRoche obviously aren’t Cabrera, but they aren’t the worst options either. In fact, they are a pretty good darn pairing at first.

Chicago Cubs- Incomplete

We aren’t sure if they were in it, just like Seattle. The new Cubs brass has brought in Anthony Rizzo as well as other pieces in a bit of a rebuilding year. The Cubs have their first baseman, and they don’t need another.

Prince Fielder is a Tiger. The Tigers won. The Brewers and Mariners lost, and it’s as simple as that.

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