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Does Dwight Howard Make the Nets an Immediate Contender?

“Yes” is probably the first thought that comes to mind. And in the long term Dwight Howard obviously makes them better. With Howard the Nets would have the best center in the league and the second or third best point guard in Derron Williams. They also have a solid backup point guard in Jordan Farmar. That’s about it. The wings in New Jersey/Brooklyn are not great. Travis Outlaw is decent, but has a ridiculous contract. Anthony Morrow is potentially lights out from the land o’ three, but that’s about as productive as it gets for him. The rookies have some upside for New Jersey, but outside of that and maybe Damion James, there isn’t much to gawk at.


If a deal goes through with Howard suiting up for the Nets, the Magic might unload some of their “bad” long-term contracts on the Nets. Chris Duhon and Hedo Turkoglu are the likely players that go to the Nets. While Turkoglu gives the Nets some help on the wing, he or Duhon could be amnestied next year, or even bought out to give New Jersey some money help.


One glaring problem the Nets have, Howard or no, is that when I look over their depth chart there isn’t really much in the power forward department. Shelden Williams is a nice back up 4 and/or 5, but as it stands Outlaw is the starting 4. Which doesn’t help seeing as he is likely out the door via the previously over mentioned amnesty clause.


You need a somewhat legitimate four to contend in the NBA. The Mavericks obviously have Dirk Nowitzki, Miami has Chris Bosh, the Lakers have Pau Gasol and Boston has Kevin Garnett. Even teams who are in the 7-8 seed range have somewhat decent or good power forwards. Philadelphia has Elton Brand, as terrible as his deal is. Indiana now has David West. The Hornets used to have him. Point is that you probably need some kind of serviceable big guy. At the present time the Nets don’t have one to potentially pair with Dwight Howard.


If Dwight Howard does join the team soon to be known as the team formerly known as the New Jersey Nets (say that five times fast) then he gives them an upgrade over an already good center in Brook Lopez and another superstar player to build on as they move towards Brooklyn.


The Nets would also lose an advertising opportunity that is only rivaled by Hines Ward in Hienz Field in Pittsburgh with a Brook Lopez in Brooklyn add.


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