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The Hariston Brothers and the Teams They Could Help

Scott Hariston and Jerry Hariston Jr are both veterans of many MLB seasons. They also provide teams with a good deal of flexibility. Scott is an outfielder who can give a team a quality back up at all three outfield spots with some power. He is also a viable option as a DH. Jerry, on the other hand, can play all non-first-base positions in the infield and can fill in at all three outfield spots as well. Both could fill numerous holes for teams.
Scott Hariston can provide a team with 15+ homeruns given a fill season. He is an excellent option as a fourth outfielder and good role player for a team looking for an attainable bat. Even with Carlos Beltran’s trade he still sits behind Willie Harris on the depth chart on right, is behind Harris and Bay in left, as well as Angel Pagan and Jason Pridie in centerfield. He probably has a better shot at playing for an AL team seeing as he is a good option at DH and in the outfield for a team like Cleveland.

Jerry could also be a fit in Cleveland if the Indians don’t feel comfortable using either of Jason Kipnis or Lonnie Chisenhall for the stretch run. Both are rookies who didn’t start the year on the team and at some point will probably hit a rookie wall. They could then stick with them and use Jerry Hariston Jr as an insurance policy of sorts for the two. He can also fill in for Shin-Soo Choo and Grady Sizemore as they return from injury. Hariston also makes sense in Milwaukee where he can fill in at third base and shortstop, which are both areas that the Brewers have expressed interest in finding upgrades. Also, he can take over in center for Nyjer Morgan, seeing as the Brewers other back-up outfielders Mark Kotsay and Brett Carroll are more corner outfielders.
Seeing as both the Mets and Nationals, Scott and Jerry’s respective teams, aren’t in the thick of things, it would make sense that they might be dealt.

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