Seller- Seattle Mariners

• Seattle– The Mariners have a decent pitching staff with Felix Hernandez and Micheal Pineda headlining a surprising rotation, all with pitchers with ERAs under or hovering around 3.00. Doug Fister and Jason Vargas both have low ERAs (3.09 and 3.49 respectively). Both have been the brunt of no-run support, which is an area that Seattle needs to improve if they want to contend in the future. They are last in the AL in runs scored (MLB too) on base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS (On base and slugging percentage) , batting average, extra base hits and total bases.
•  Possible Scenarios–  Jack Cust has a 2.5 million dollar price tag, so the M’s might look to save a little money with that. Jack Wilson makes 5 million and could also be moved to save money to a team looking for defensive-minded middle infielders. One of the aforementioned Vargas or Fister could be dealt. They probably would have to be blown out of the water offer-wise to get a deal done, but it’s not out of the question. Erik Bedard is also in the same blown-out-of-the-water boat. It seems very unlikely that reigning Cy Young contender Felix Hernandez is moved, but a quick note: the last three AL Cy Young winners have all been traded within two years of them winning the award. I’m not saying he will be moved, but just a note.

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