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Juventus vs Barcelona Champions League Final: Who Owns the Midfield Advantage

In Saturday’s Champions League Final between Juventus and Barcelona, the center of the pitch, and specifically the midfielders who make their living there, will decide the final. While legendary luminaries like Gianluigi Buffon and Lionel Messi will play their part, Read More

2015 Champions League Final Storylines to Watch: Juventus vs Barcelona

With Juventus set to face Barcelona in Berlin next month, here are some early storylines to watch for. Rest With the Scudetto already in hand, Juve will be able to limit playing time for their key performers. You can bet Read More

Champions League Highlights in Vine: PSG v Barcelona, Porto v Bayern Munich & Juventus v Monaco

PSG vs Barcelona Luis Suarez’ first goal.  Suarez’  second goal. Jeremy Mathieu’s own goal. Porto vs Bayern Munich Ricardo Quaresma’s first and second goal. Just Quaresma’s second goal. Thiago’s goal. Jackson Martinez’ goal and celebration. Juventus vs Monaco Arturo Vidal’s goal-via-penalty. Carlos Read More

Porto vs Bayern Munich Vine Highlights: Ricardo Quaresma, Jackson Martinez and Thiago's Champions League Goals

For Ricardo Quaresma’s first and second goal in Vine form, click here. For just Quaresma’s second goal, click here.  For Bayern Munich’s only goal, check out this strike from Thiago. To check out Jackson Martinez’s goal and celebration in Vine Read More

Porto vs Bayern Munich Vine Highlights: Jackson Martinez' Goal vs Bayern

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PSG vs Barcelona Vine Highlights: Luis Suarez' 2 Goals & Mathieu’s Own Goal

Here’s Suarez’ first goal.  For Suarez second goal, click here.  For Jeremy Mathieu’s own goal, click here.  For more Soccer/Football, click here. For more Vine videos, click here.