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The Pau Gasol Trade Machine Edition

The Lakers are struggling. If I had a dollar for every time I said or heard that then the local McDonald’s Dollar menu would be non-existent, or I’d save the boatload of money (thinks about it…) yep, definitely saving the Read More

What Derrick Rose’s Injury Means for The Bulls

An ACL ligament might have dropped bona-fide title-contenders to team-who-could-be-eliminated. Let me explain. Derrick Rose has torn his ACL. As stated, it could drop the Bulls out of the playoffs all together. And this time I won’t reiterate, I’ll explain. Read More

NBA Season Predictions Eastern Conference-

Atlantic- You’ve got Boston and New York: the old team trying not to fall apart too disgracefully and the up and comers with the shiny new toy. After that there’s the wing dominated, somewhat freakishly athletic Philadelphia 76ers. Following them Read More