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Ty Wigginton and the Positional Problems He Could Solve for Teams

Ty Wigginton can play anywhere in the infield. He could be at first base one night, third the next, shortstop the third day and second the last day. Wigginton could help numerous teams because of his ability to play multiple Read More

Contender- Boston Red Sox

Boston– The Red Sox could use upgrades at shortstop and catcher respectively, as well as some answers in the rotation if they don’t get healthier. If Jed Lowrie comes back from injury, then shortstop probably is not a huge need.  Read More

Contender- Detroit Tigers

This is the beginning of a series of American Leauge teams and their lables, like buyers, sellers, or tweeners (basically teams that, with a hot streak, could contend or with a prolonged losing streak could fall out of it). And possible Read More