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I was on a podcast


Late last week I joined Roger Martiñ and Chris Brown on Sports Radio Detroit’s Tigers podcast to talk all things baseball.

(Look, I have an actual voice!)

You should definitely give it a listen, especially if you enjoy conversation about Shohei Ohtani, the New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles’ potentially unfortunate situations and the Red Sox signing of J.D. Martinez (among other things).

You can find it at the link below. http://sportsradiodetroit.com/2018/04/tigers-srd-episode-222-april-cold-front/

If you don’t already, or are a Detroit sports fan, give Sports Radio Detroit a listen as they continue to cover the Tigers throughout the season and a variety of other sports. They’ve got podcasts on everything from the Detroit’s baseball team, to the Pistons, Lions/NFL as well as hockey and football (soccer).

You can follow Roger on Twitter here and Chris on Twitter here.

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