Saturday Funnies

Here’s a little segment I like to call “Saturday Funnies”. A compilation of hilarious clips from the world of sports. Enjoy.

Here’s Detroit Tigers pitcher Phil Coke recounting the conversation he had with Miguel Cabrera when the Triple Crown winner asked if he had ever faced him before. The impression is spot on, by the way.


The extremely funny “Who He Play For” on “Inside the NBA” generally gets all the
press, but this one might be even better. Check out Sir Charles and Kenny
trying to correctly guess the names of every Development League Team.

More from “Inside the NBA,” this time on the weekly segment “Shaqtin a Fool.” Shaq points out some curious/funny plays from around the league. One of his more usual punching bags is JaVale McGee. This one is all JaVale.

Who could forget minor league manager Phill Wellman losing it while arguing a call? Roll it.

This one takes a little more explaining. Our next clip comes from the 2008-2009 season opener between San Antonio and Phoenix. Shaq was playing for Phoenix at the time and didn’t like the way the Spurs played a Hack-A-Shaq with him in the playoffs. This is the Spurs playing Hack-A-Shaq again… well, you’ll see.

The last and final clip comes from “Intentional Talk,” MLB Networks show hosted by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar. Millar is well known for, among other things, the highlights in his hair. Here’s a clip of their usual segment “Kevin’s Highlights” where, similar to “Shaqtin a Fool,” point out gaffes from around baseball.


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