If You Trade Kevin Youkilis: A Look at It From the Red Sox Point of View

If you trade Kevin Youkilis it might come back and bite you.

If you trade Kevin Youkilis you open yourself up to a lot of criticism.

Let me rephrase that, it will come back to bite you (looking at you, Red Sox brass). Will Middlebrooks has been everything the Red Sox wanted and more and all that sappy bahooey, but Middlebrooks is a rookie. Most rookies hit a wall. And, just a hypothetical thought here, what if that wall comes blaring into view at say the beginning of September? And so potential savior goes to potential goat in a matter of months. (That sounded better in my head, but we’ll go with it.) I’m not saying that the whole season falls on Middlebrooks, but if you look at that lineup, they need the offensive firepower. Adrian Gonzalez, Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz are great. But look at the rest of that lineup sans Middlebrooks and the previous three: Daniel Nava, Ryan Sweeney, Mike Aviles, Jared Saltalamacchia and the now-injured Cody Ross. Not exactly death row there. This has 2010 Detroit Tigers written all over it. The big bat(s) protection gets hurt- Detroit: Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen. Boston: Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury, Youkilis- and as a result the big bat(s) intentional walk numbers swell, and they get pitched around to a point where it isn’t even funny. The moral of the story with the Tigers is that they never recovered and finished at .500.

The flipside is that if Middlebrooks hits a wall sooner, or doesn’t hit a wall at all (sorry, the rhyme was accidental) the offense is still lacking. And it’s not as if the pitching is the team’s calling card. Felix Doubront has been nice, but Daniel Bard really should be back in the bullpen, and Clay Buchholz has been horrendous. So if Youkilis is dealt, for say pitching, then you’ve got a potentially mondo-sized hole at third. If you’re following along at home you aren’t mistaken. The next third baseman in line, should Middlebrooks struggle and Youkilis be dealt, is Mike Avilies who is starting at shortstop. Either way you slice it, Nick Punto gets into the lineup regularly and that probably helps opposing managers gain sleep rather then lose it. (No offense to Punto, great defender, but not so great with the lumber.) To give you an idea, Punto hit one more homerun than I did for the champs last year. Which, after you count all the 500 foot bombs I hit, leaves Punto with one.

Ross’s injury makes it even more apparent. Don’t deal Youkilis. You (the Red Sox) need the offense. Not to mention the fact that he’s a proven commodity.


6 thoughts on “If You Trade Kevin Youkilis: A Look at It From the Red Sox Point of View

  1. Why would the Sox season be in shambles if Youkilis is traded? Middlebrooks already hit a wall and got out of it. IN 6 Games during may he went through a big slump striking out 16 times and then what does he do? Breaks out of it and starts hitting again. As for you saying Salty and Aviles arent gonna do anything? Have you seen the way theyve been playing? Ross has been a great fit for fenway and is just as good on the road. He will be back in a few weeks. Ellsbury, and Crawford will be be back way before the end of the season. All in all with out ells, crawford, and ross (also Youk when he was injured) The sox STILL have one of the best offenses in the bigs. The sox have had firepower and will have firepower. A-Gon hasnt even started hitting bombs yet. Youkilis should be traded. He has broken down near the end of each of the past 2 seasons, so what good is he to us? Trade him now with a couple prospects and they will get for a 3rd spot Pitcher for the rotation. Get with it man

  2. Your main point makes sense, but some of your reasoning behind it is…suspect.
    How is the offense “still lacking” even if Middlebrooks DOESN’T hit a wall? It seems pretty good to me.
    I’d also like to point out that Crawford/Ellsbury/Youkilis is a mountain of talent better than 2010 Ordonez/Guillen…so the comp there is flawed, especially given that 1) we’ve seen life without these players, and it is still pretty good, and 2) those two Tigers only missed latter portions of the season, whereas these Red Sox have missed early parts and should return in the latter portion.
    Keep the ship afloat, and pretty soon we’ll all imagine Carl Beane’s voice saying “reinforcements have arrived!”

  3. Every baseball team needs to look at two things. Their chances of making the playoffs in the current season and how their team looks in the future. My problem with this blog is that Youkilis will not be a player that decides whethor or not the Sox make the playoffs. That will come down to the performance of slumping players (Clay, Lester, and to some extent Gonzo) and the return from injuries of All Stars (Ellsbury, Crawford, and Bailey). And if Youk isnt going to make the difference in them making the playoffs then they need to deal him because Middlebrooks deserves to be the 3B and that leaves Youk without any position on this team. They should get something for Youk while they can and get Gonzo out of RF before he hurts himself

  4. Youkilis, Ross and Melancon to Cleveland for Urbaldo Jiminez. Cleveland needs some offense and they have been disappointed with Jiminez’s performance since he arrived from Denver. Melancon can help their bullpen.

  5. ITS OBVIOUS BROOKSY IS READY….all players hit walls,that isnt an issue…..the issue is gonzo playin 1st and thats it…i love yuke ,and his heart but like trot hes breakable and has shown it frequently in the last few seasons….if brOoksy needs some time u have the viable option of iglesias to SS and aviles to 3rd…personally id lovE the glove at SS and could care less if he bats 200 …. yuke is valuable rt now to many teams in the hunt…id go prospects or a superutility and relief corp pieces….this team is one of the best offensive rt now in the league and u add back just ells to the mix and i see a massive burst to the top…id also go with a 6 man rotation to conserve the starters so we dont have another sept. like last yr…get a top pitchin prospect for yuke and bid him a much deserved heros good bye…take one last hit for the team yuke…thx for the heart …buts its your time like it was nomars time only a few yrs ago…btw…carney lansford was replaced in the same way yrs ago…worked out pretty good…THE JUDGE

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