What If?

Would you rather have Chone Figgins and Adrian Beltre for the last five years or have A-Rod for that span?

How about Jason Varetik over Guillermo Quiroz, Jeff Clement and Rene Rivera?

Or Derek Lowe over Jeff Weaver and Cha Seung Baek?

Maybe even Adam Jones over Franklin Gutierrez?

Ok, maybe take back a couple of those. Varetik was blocked by Dan Wilson, and Jones over a healthy Gutierrez is a small upgrade if that.

But Lowe over those two and the countless other starters the M’s have rolled out? A-Rod over Figgins and Beltre? Granted Beltre was decent on the Mariners, but A-Rod is one of the better third baseman in the league.

Think about all the talent lost. That’s the underlying theme here. A-Rod is gone. So is Raul Ibanez, Rafael Soriano and Michael Pineda. And that’s just the Yankees to start.

Pineda can be kind of in another category from the standpoint that the M’s got Jesus Montero back, but then there are the questionable deals that at the time look OK and then look bad-to-downright-terrible down the road.

We’re talking the Asdrubal Cabrera for Eduardo Perez swap and Shin-Soo Choo for Ben Broussard. Then there’s the revered Michael Morse for Ryan Langerhans deal.

To be clear, none of the three guys Seattle got back are with the team. Perez is the hitting coach in Miami, Broussard is a musician and Langerhans is in Anaheim.

So think about Cabrera instead of Brendan Ryan (not saying Ryan is bad, but Cabrera is an upgrade offensively), Morse at first and Choo in left? That’s maybe a 10 game improvement. Who knows? Maybe Montero stays in New York and you get to keep Pineda. You’re talking about an actual decent offensive team. Maybe the Montero thing goes down, that’s a lot of offensive firepower from a Mariners standpoint.

Then there is the travesty that is Erik Bedard. George Sherrill and Adam Jones headlined a package to Baltimore. Both have made All-Star teams as members of the Orioles. Bedard made this many with Seattle. (Cue hand signaling a big 0).

Jones would probably be the best outfielder in Seattle at this point (barring an Ichiro rejuvenation). Sherrill is actually back in Seattle’s bullpen though.

Bedard was moved to Boston for some prospects that probably won’t add up to Jones, Sherrill and the gang.

So here is the thing. And again, this is all hypothetical, what if Bedard stays an Oriole? Or what if those Indians trades don’t happen? Maybe Morse stays. Maybe even A-Rod stays.  Maybe the other guys aren’t traded. If all that happens then maybe they get some combination of Ichiro, Montero, Ackley, Jones, Cabrera, A-Rod, Choo, Morse and Varitek. That’s just the hitting.

Cliff Lee, Doug Fister, Freddy Garcia, Joel Pinero and Pineda are a possible rotation that might make the playoffs with a decent offense. And they are all former M’s. JJ Putz, Derek Lowe and Rafael Soriano are a possibly playoff-worthy back end of a bullpen.

The M’s got decent returns for Lee and Fister. Ditto Putz.

But Lowe and Soriano were the Morse-for-Langerhans equivalents of the pitchers here. Soriano went to Atlanta for Horacio Ramirez. Lowe went to Boston with Jason Varitek FOR HEATHCLIFF SLOCUMB.

It’s mind-boggling to see these trades. Obviously no one can see the future and see the end results. But Boston maybe doesn’t win as much without The Captain and Lowe.

So maybe these trades don’t happen and the M’s are not one of the answers to the trivia question-

“Which Major League Baseball Franchises have never been to the World Series?” (Alex Trebek voice).

So maybe the Mariners win a title at some point and we aren’t complaining about losing our only championship team in Seattle. (Ha, take that Stern! Even in an MLB piece I’m still after you.)

5 thoughts on “What If?

  1. If we’re playing the “what if” game, what if Omar Vizquel had stayed on the team from the mid 1980s to today?

  2. you cant really make a case for the m’s not keeping a-rod, he left cause he was offered the biggest contract of all time. no way the m’s could have kept him

  3. Arod and ackley wouldn’t be in the lineup in this “what if” scenario… and neither would montero… and neither would morse… arod left for money… if we had a decent lineup that included choo in left and possibly cabrera at short we would have not had the #2 overall pick and not have ackley… we traded morse because we had two big free agent signings at the corners with beltre and sexson… and I’m sorry but your rotation doesn’t make sense to me… you are spanning 9 years of mariner pitchers that in one way or another wouldn’t all be in their prime at once… cliff lee was good early on but great starting 2008 and piniero was always not that great.. (look at his era)… freddy wasn’t a competitor and pineda just broke in this last year…. OH AND WHERE IS KING FELIX IN THIS ROTATION!? besides you can’t have montero, pineda and lee all on the same team… IF we trade lee to NY instead of TX we have montero not lee… if we do like we did we have montero and not pineda… IF we try and keep Lee we lose him to FA and don’t have lee or montero… so we can’t have all three in the lineup at once… if we play the what if game with the slocumb trade… who would you have a pitcher in his first year with a 6.00+ ERA and a .249 career minors catcher or a decent closer when at the time we had a horrible bullpen? taking the pitcher… yes longterm the deal SUCKED but lowe took forever to develop and varitek was more a clubhouse leader…. honestly the only trades in my opinion that were horrible… Jose Cruz Jr. for two relief pitchers (one was good the other not so much)… choo and cabrera as well… and of course bedard for package… although the package isn’t looking all that great just a bunch of potential never met…

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