Can the Rays Win with Their New Middle of the Order?

The answer is yes, but probably due to their pitching. Rave all you want about the exceedingly good pitching led by “Big-Game” James Shields, David Price, Jeremy Hellickson and phenom Matt Moore. Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann aren’t too bad either.

The point is that the Rays need to win with their hitting. We know the pitching will be there, but will the bats? You can probably pencil Evan Longoria in for twenty something homeruns and 90 or 100 RBI. Ben Zobrist will give you double-digit homers at almost any position you play him. BJ Upton and Matt Joyce are both streaky hitters and can tear it up at times. Desmond Jennings is an extremely talented, young player in the outfield. If I sound like I’m praising the Rays, I’m not. I’m listing players. Outside of Longoria there is not a real power threat in the lineup. The Rays added first-base-corner-outfield-DH type Luke Scott as well as a familiar face in former-Ray and now current-Ray Carlos Pena.

Pena and Scott need to hit for the Rays to win. They got by last year with a more pitcher oriented team. They (as a team) need to hit for more power if they are going to win this year.

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