Thunder Struck?

Probably should read “dumb struck” instead of “thunder struck”  after the season.

Why didn’t our beloved Oklahoma City Raiders (sorry) Thunder go deep in the NBA playoffs? Why didn’t we win all the games we were supposed to?

I’m not saying the Thunder won’t win the title. I’m saying they won’t live up to all the hype. They are a very good team, but without a guy named Durant they could be in trouble. People said this all the time when LeBron was in Cleveland:  the Cavs can’t win without the King. Guess what? They haven’t. They’ve barely licked 40 wins without him.

Granted, without KD the Thunder are probably more of a low playoff seed than a bona-fide contender with him.

Let’s be clear. I have no problem with Kevin Durant as a player. I think he’s great. But if and when he has an off game the Thunder could have some problems. Kevin Durant is their offense. It all flows through him and Westbrook. Westbrook is streaky in a word, streaky. If Westbrook gets on the wrong side of a streak and Durant has an off day. Eh, yikes.

There isn’t a lot of scoring anywhere else. James Harden is a potential dynamo-scorer off the bench, but he’s off the bench, thus probably less minutes. The rest of the team is defensive to say the least. In the aforementioned event of the KD off night, Thabo Sefalosha isn’t going to give you 20 points per game. Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka are more of 15-10, point-rebound, guys. Nick Collison isn’t going to be Tim Duncan overnight.

The point is that if KD goes cold and Westrbook is streaky — good luck with the playoffs Raiders! (Sorry, Thunder) (Also, note the heavy sarcasm).

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