Chris Paul Possible Trades

Chris Paul, along with Dwight Howard, is the topic of a number of trade speculations and predictions (and even a vetoed trade!). If you haven’t been over stimulated with others, here’s some more.

  1. Chris Paul to the New York Knicks for whatever picks the Knicks have left in this century plus Toney Douglas, Iman Shumpert, Andy Rautins, Josh Harrellson, Bill Walker, even Renaldo Balkman plus Chauncey Billups contract. Basically anyone not named Amare or Carmelo or Landry Fields. This could be Miami all over again in terms of cap space and things of that nature. But don’t count against it, seeing as Paul wants to play for the Knicks. Remember the last guy who wanted to come to the Knicks with that much star power was a guy named Carmelo…
  2. Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers along with David Anderson for Andrew Bynum and Luke Walton and picks, picks and more picks. Here the Lakers get the point guard they need in Paul. No disrespect to Derek Fisher, but at this point his best days are behind him. They also automatically get a backcourt that is the best in the West and might start the All-Star Game. Plus there’s the fact that they need a torch bearer after Kobe retires at some point.
  3. Chris Paul to the Utah Jazz for Devin Harris, Mehmet Okur’s contract and picks. Another situation where Devin Harris is the secondary point guard in the trade. Do Jason Kidd and Deron Williams sound familiar? Anyway, it’s not a slam dunk of a deal, but the Hornets get salary cap and an underrated point guard in Harris. It could happen if New Orleans waits too long to deal him. Or Utah might just turn around and give the Hornets exactly what they got for Deron Williams in Harris and Derek Favors now that they drafted Enes Kanter  (pick they used on him also from Deron Williams trade).
  4. Chris Paul to the Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo and two first round picks. At this point the trades are becoming less likely, but let’s run with this one for a bit. Paul would give the Celtics a superstar that they already have in Rondo, but Paul would give them a more dynamic scoring threat than Rondo. Other than Rondo and the Big 3 the only other Celtics with a contract are the expiring deal of Jermanie O’Neal, Avery Bradley and the rookies E’twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson.
  5. Chris Paul to the Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith and Marvin Williams. Unlikely I know, but look at it more closely. Yes, you’d probably have to move Joe Johnson to the 3 and Kirk Hinrich to the 2, but Paul and Johnson would form quite a tandem for the Hawks. That coupled with Dwight Howard likely leaving Orlando could bump them up in the playoff pecking order in the East.

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