Free Agent Predictions, the New Teams and the Whole Deal Part 2

27. Clint Barmes – New York Mets. Good, reasonably priced, second baseman with pop. Can provide 10-15 homeruns, New York could use some power on second base, also can play shortstop.
28. Kerry Wood – Chicago Cubs. At this point it’s Cubs or bust for Wood, and who wouldn’t want a relief pitcher with his experience on their team?
29. Frank Francisco – Oakland A’s nobody likes hoarding quality bullpen arms more than the A’s. Oakland’s vast stadium could help solve Francisco’s homer issue.
30. Jason Marquis – Los Angeles Angels. The Halos need an innings eater who can get double digit wins if the next name on this list leaves.
31. Joel Pinero – New York Mets. The Mets need good starting pitching and Pinero would be a good fit for their staff at a-not-too-expensive rate.
32. Jonathan Broxton – Toronto Blue Jays. Broxton not what he once was, but could still be an effective relief arm. The Blue Jays, like the A’s, have a tendency to have hoards of quality relief pitchers. Broxton could be the next.
33. Bruce Chen – Seattle Mariners. The M’s need rotation and bullpen help. Chen helps them in both categories.
34. Brad Penny – Cincinnati Reds. The Reds might be a smidgen desperate for pitching help. If they are that needy then this has desperation move written all over it.
35. Rafael Furcal – St. Louis Cardinals. The former Dodger great makes a whole lot of sense for the defending world champs.
36. Aaron Harang –Baltimore Orioles. The O’s need another pitcher because of obvious reasons in their rotation. There’s also the off chance they deal Jeremy Guithre, so they could be lacking a dependable arm.
37. David DeJesus –Cincinnati Reds. Outfielder with some pop seems like a good fit on Dusty Baker’s squad.
38. Jeff Francis – Kansas City Royals. Not all of Kansas City’s super-duper farm system is ready yet, so they might need a stop-gap player or two.
39. Jamie Moyer –Seattle Mariners. Where else would Jamie Moyer go? Moyer could be the M’s version of Darren Oliver in Texas.
40. Casey Kotchman –Tampa Bay Rays. After a horrendous stint in Seattle it seems as if Kotchman is finally living up to his potential.
41. Josh Willingham – Colorado Rockies. If Willingham can reach career highs in homers and runs batted in playing in Oakland then who knows what he can accomplish at Coors Field.
42. Bartolo Colon –Florida Marlins. Fish need to get more out of their pitching, could overspend to get a player like Colon.
43. Ryan Madson –Philadelphia Phillies.  Philly should probably hang on to their closer in Madson thanks to the weak closer market.
44. Fransisco Rodriguez –Florida Marlins. Could go for the big draw here in K-Rod to fill some seats. Not only that, but they could use a closer and would have some money if they decide to part ways with the reliever formerly known as Leo Nunez.

(Noted, these are not in order of who is the best player, it’s just a random order)


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