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Birds, Beer Makers and T-Plush Oh My

The St. Louis Cardinals have had to battle all of the last month to even get into the playoffs as they took advantage of Atlanta’s slump to get in. The Brewers, on the other, hand pulled away from these very same Cardinals to win their first division title since they were in the American League.
This might be a series were tempers flare seeing as during the regular season T-Plush, also known as Brewers Centerfielder Nyjer Morgan, tweeted that the Cardinals will be watching the Brewers in the playoffs. So there is some tension between the two teams. This will be an intense series – you’ve got the Brewers, on one hand, who will outslug you and have the pitching to back it up. Then there’s the Cardinals, who like the Tigers in the AL have some kind of playoff magic. Unlike the Tigers, who have a defined identity, the Red Birds aren’t a team that’s going out hit you, though they have good hitters in Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman, and some guy named Albert Pujols. But, since losing Adam Wainwright to injury they aren’t really a dominant pitching team either.
I think it will be a long series and I’ll take the Brewers to win 4 games to 3.


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