What to Take From the Seahawks First Preseason Game

In the NFL pre-season winning isn’t the most important thing. It’s more about getting guys reps and maybe finding a hidden gem or two.
So, while the Seattle Seahawks won their exhibition game against the San Diego Chargers, they also found out a few things:
1. Tavaris Jackson Might Have Company at QB- This is a bit of a skewered statement because of the fact that Jackson didn’t have top receivers Mike Williams and Sidney Rice. As well as number three wide out Ben Obomanu and running back Justin Forsett. Buyhe was only 3/5 for 13 yards and a 64.6 passer rating. Jackson also got into a bit of trouble at one point, getting called for intentional grounding while trying to avoid a sack.
2. Charlie Whitehurst and Josh Portis Impressed- Whitehurst played well against his former team, going 14/20 for 115 yards with an 84.4 passer rating throughout five drives. He also showed a willingness to go for the long ball numerous times, which is something Seattle had problems with last season. This should only get better with Rice and Williams. Whitehurst showed the ability to scramble by running for a first down on 3rd and 6. Another highlight was hitting Chris Carter with a 13-yard laser while taking a bit hit. Portis did a lot of things well during the game. He threw the ball well and had gains of 23, 16 and 20 yards while going 5/9 for 69 yards, a 117.4 passer rating and a touchdown pass to tight end Anthony McCoy. He also scrambled for a first down when given the opportunity.
3. Despite Losing Laywer Milloy the Secondary Played Well- Kam Chancellor got into the backfield early and made plays. 6”4 corner Brandon Browner played well and batted down a pass as well.
4. Giving Up Big Plays are Still a Concern- The Seahawks gave up a 48-yard catch to Vincent Jackson and let Bryan Walters return a kick for a touchdown despite the new kickoff rules.
5. The Run D Played Well- Seattle’s run defense has been a bit shaky in years past, but now it seems they are playing well. They bottled up San Diego’s first unit running game and played well the rest of the way — their longest run allowed being 12 yards.


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