Tigers Acquire Delmon Young

The Cleveland Indians are within striking distance of the Detroit Tigers. Knowing this, the Tigers made a surprising intra-division trade with the rival Minnesota Twins to get outfielder Delmon Young.
Young, still only 25, is joining his third organization since being drafted first overall in the 2003 draft.
The Tigers parted with minor league pitchers Cole Nelson and Lester Oliveros. Nelson was in AA and Oliveros in AAA.
This probably means the Twins did not want to offer Young a contract after the year. This was probably because of a .266 batting average and only 4 homers and 32 RBI after a 2010 season, where he hit .298 with 21 taters and 112 RBIs.
Because of the aforementioned 2010 stat line and age, this could be a HUGE steal for Detroit if Young can find his 2010 form.
Another note:  Delmon’s brother Dmitri played for Detroit in 2006 when they went on to win the AL Title. So maybe having another Young on the team will yield the same result.

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