Winners, Losers and Head Scratchers of the Trade Deadline: Part 2 Losers

Cleveland Indians- Yes that’s right, the contending team who acquired Ubaldo Jimenez is a loser at the deadline in my mind. I always thought that if the Tigers or White Sox got Jimenez then they would pull away, but if the Tribe got him then it would still be wide open in the AL Central. The Indians are still behind the Tigers and White Sox in the starting pitching department, and they gave up a ton to get him — maybe a little too much. They also sold off Orlando Cabrera for a prospect, which I get was smart that they wanted their young prospect Kipnis to start at second. But he will hit a wall at some point and that could be any time. Cabrera is also your golden ticket to the playoffs for a contender, because he makes the playoffs every year.
Cincinnati Reds- The Reds problem was they were out of it to a point where they could sell a player or two and proclaim themselves “sellers”,  but they were also in it enough to consider themselves “buyers”. The Reds didn’t do anything and stood pat. They could have used a starting pitcher or two behind Johnny Cueto. Mike Leake really has been their only other somewhat consistent starter, while Bronson Arroyo has a 5+ ERA and Homer Bailey has been OK. Dontrelle Willis has pitched well in his couple of starts, but you don’t know what you’re going to get with the D-Train. Chris Heisey has been good with a .249 batting average, along with 12 dingers and 38 RBIs in 96 games. He has played up to a point where the Reds felt comfortable dealing Johnny Gomes to Washington because they liked Heisey that much. I’m not saying Heisey is bad, but I think a Ryan Ludwick would have fit much better offensively-wise and experience-wise.
Los Angeles Angels- Anaheim currently sits a game back of Texas in the AL West. But the Halos didn’t do anything to bolster their chances — nothing, nada, zip, zilch. No big bat added to the lineup, no offensive upgrades at third base or catcher. Then there was the whole Jered Weaver-Tigers spat. Weaver is now gonna miss a start, and that could throw off their mojo. The Angels will be in it, but their lack of trades on the 31st could hinder them come September and October.
Oakland A’s- Oakland could have moved their starting outfield at the deadline, but stood pat.  Conor Jackson and Hideki Matsui could have been dealt as well. There were a lot of teams in need of an outfield, which coincidently Oakland had five or six of. Ryan Sweeney probably wasn’t going to be moved, but both Josh Willingham and David DeJesus could have been moved. Cleveland would have made sense, as would Boston. Coco Crisp would have made sense for his two aforementioned former teams. It’s just puzzling why the A’s didn’t move some of their players who have expiring contracts.
New York Yankees-  Almost everybody else contending in the AL got better to some extent. Texas got bullpen help, Detroit and Cleveland got Doug Fister and Ubaldo Jimenez to help their rotations. Boston got Erik Bedard and Mike Aviles to help fill in for injured players. The Yankees, well…. let’s just say they didn’t do anything. They are banking on getting A-Rod back from injury as a boost, but the Bronx Bombers could have helped themselves and they didn’t. Their current rotation isn’t exactly a rotation you would pick to win it all. Maybe 5-6 years ago, but not now. They could have used help there and a stop gap at third.

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