Red Sox Acquire Erik Bedard and the Dodgers’ Involvement

Erik Bedard was traded at the 11th hour to the Boston Red Sox, and the Dodgers are also involved in this deal with Boston and Seattle.
Boston had a deal in place for A’s starter Rich Harden on Saturday, but that fell through due to medical reasons.  After that Boston went right back out to look for a starter and found one in now former Mariner Erik Bedard.
This trade also involves the Dodgers, and while no current Major Leaguers other than Bedard changed hands, there was still some major prospect swapping.

A Rundown of the Trade-
Red Sox Acquire- SP Erik Bedard, AAA RP Josh Fields (both from Seattle)
Mariners Acquire- AAA OF Trayvon Robinson (from LA) AA OF Chih-Hsien Chiang (from Boston)
Dodgers Acquire- AA C Tim Federiwucz, A SP Juan Rodriguez, AA SP Stephen Fife (all three from Boston)

The Red Sox gave up a lot to get Bedard. Though not all of it went to Seattle they still gave up a lot. Federiwucz is one of the Red Sox’s top catching prospects, so there is some loss there. But Boston gained 2008 first-round pick Josh Fields, who is not the 3rd baseman but rather the former University of Georgia closer.
Chih-Hsien Chiang was hitting .338 in AA and looks like he could be a really good hitter. Robinson, on the other hand, was one of LA’s top prospects and has been described as having a lot of tools. Both are headed to Seattle.
The Dodgers make out with what presumably is their catcher of the future in Federiwucz as well as young guys with upside in Rodriguez and Fife.

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