Rangers Acquire Mike Adams

The Texas Rangers needed bullpen help, and clearly addressed that during this trading season by trading for Koji Uehara and now Mike Adams. Texas desperately needed a set-up man and got two with the aforementioned two newest Rangers. By getting Adams they get a reliever that Ron Washington can use in the 8th inning who can get righties and lefties out in tight squeezes. Texas also showed that they were the aggressor in the division buyer-wise, because they addressed their area of need in the bullpen while Anaheim didn’t do anything to help themselves.

San Diego meanwhile picked up two starters in southpaw Robbie Erlin and righty Joe Wieland, who both have the potential to pitch in San Diego in the next couple years. Both were with the Texas AA squad at the time of the trade. Wieland recently threw a no hitter to boot.

Trade Recap-
Rangers Acquire- RP Mike Adams
Padres Acquire- AA SPs Robbie Erlin and Joe Wieland


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