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Giants Acquire Orlando Cabrera

Orlando Cabrera knows how to pick his contenders, or has a knack for landing on playoff-bound teams. And it seems if the current standings hold he will in fact make the playoffs yet again. Other players have made the playoffs a lot of years like a Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera, but Cabrera has done it with numerous different teams while those guys did it with one. Back to the point, Cabrera will likely make the playoffs for the fourth straight year.
But back to the trade, the Giants got Cabrera for minor league outfielder Thomas Neal. The Giants are still looking for short term fixes up the middle while they get healthy, after Miguel Tejada and Freddy Sanchez went on the DL the Giants: signed Bill Hall, then he got hurt. They called up rookie Brandon Crawford. They then traded for Jeff Keppinger and have now brought in Cabrera. They also have once-traded-for-Sammy-Sosa infielder Mike Fontenot backing up 2nd, Short and 3rd as well.
One thing is apparent,that the Giants will be a bit crowded in the infield once everyone gets healthy. Not to mention the Brandon Belt/Aubrey Huff conundrum at first base.

All in all the deal looks like this-
Giants Acquire- INF Orlando Cabrera
Indians Acquire- AAA OF Thomas Neal

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