If You’re Looking for a Pinch Hitter

Down the stretch every team could use that guy on the bench who can hit the big homerun or hit to take the lead or win the game. Here is a look at pinch-hitting players who may be available.

  • Jason Giambi, Rockies. An injury could make him untradeable before July 31st, but he could be moved at the August 31st deadline.
  • Matt Stairs, Nationals. The Nationals just picked up Jonny Gomes and designated Stairs for assignment. He could probably be had at a small price for a
  • Juan Rivera, Dodgers. The Dodgers picked him up from the Blue Jays who had previously obtained him from the Angeles in the Vernon Wells switcheroo. Rivera has a lot of power and can play the outfield.
  • Marcus Thames, Yankees. The Yankees picked him up after he was cut by the Dodgers to make room for Rivera. I doubt the Yankees would part with him because he gives them depth, but you never know.


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