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Giants Acquire Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran was being shopped. No ifs, and or buts about it. But what the Mets got in return for their 2011 All-Star was in question.
The Mets wanted a top prospect in return and had asked teams like the Braves for young players like Mike Minor while they asked the Phillies for Dominic Brown like player.
The Mets ended up getting minor-league pitcher Zack Wheeler from the Giatns, who instantly becomes New York’s best prospect.
Meanwhile, the Giants got what they wanted, and needed to some extent , with Carlos Beltran. Beltran, 34, who will take over in right field for the Giants, gives them a potent middle-of-the-order bat to go along with Pablo Sandoval.
The Giants would love to see him go bonkers like he did in the second half after being acquired by Houston in 2004 when he hit 23 homeruns and drove in 53 runs in only 90 games.
The outfield now becomes a bit overcrowded for the defending World Series champs. They now have Beltran, and Nate Shierholtz, in right field. Then you have some combination of Cody Ross, Andres Torres and Aaron Rowand in left field and center field. Not to mention Pat Burrell when he returns from the DL, so there is a potential for a log jam there if there isn’t one already.

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