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Going About Replacing Lance Berkman

So Albert Pujols is gone. Just thought I’d point that out, and truthfully, the Cardinals seem like they are better off without him. That’s partly because they pinch themselves every day for not spending north of 200 million on him. Read More

Prince Fielder Grades

The Tigers will Sign Prince Fielder ……… Holy schnikies!!! The Tigers signed him, they didn’t commit “fiscal insanity”. They jumped in at the last minute as the darkhorse team to get the big fish. Much like their acquisition of Miguel Read More

Get Ready For a Messy Year in the NL Central

Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols have a lot in common. Both play the same position, both are perennial MVP candidates, both used (TBD) to play in the NL Central. I’m going to call it and say Prince Fielder isn’t going Read More