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MLB Trade Rumors: Non-Tender Bargain Bin Free Agent Finds – Chris Getz

Getz has a pretty wonky stat line. He has driven in 111 runs over the course of his career. During the same time he has exactly three home runs. Regardless, the former White Sox player would provide a solid bench bat on most teams. After failing to successfully hold down the Royals’ second base job, KC saw it fit to non-tender Getz. The Mark Teahen trade brought Getz to KC in 2009 after a few years in Chicago. Teams looking for infield depth could take a flier on the veteran second baseman. He has little experience playing third and short, but will predominately play second.


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All stats courtesy of http://www.baseball-reference.com/ unless otherwise noted.

1 thought on “MLB Trade Rumors: Non-Tender Bargain Bin Free Agent Finds – Chris Getz

  1. Chris should definitely be picked up by a MLB team, possibly St. Louis, as infield backup and pinch hitting and running. Despite all the raspberries thrown at him by KC fans the last couple months of the 2013 season, he also had to put up with Yost as a manager who seemed to go out of his way to bench Getz for minor reasons. Hopefully, he will be treated better by his next team and even make somewhat of a comeback and display his capable talents.

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