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To the Point UEFA Champions League Draw Thoughts and Predictions: Group B

I thought the Gareth Bale transfer was all fine and well until I realized he was going to play my club twice in the Group Stages. (Sorry Copenhagen faithful, I’m a Juventus fan.) The Ozil loss takes a little sting out of Madrid’s attack, but it is still a world-class attack to be reckoned with. The Juve-Real games will not only be fun to watch from a neutral standpoint, (I won’t be watching from a neutral standpoint, but you know, it sounds good ) they will also be a good test for both sides. Both have the potential to go far in the competition, if not winning it outright. Facing another team of their caliber in the Group Stage will better prepare them for the knockout rounds than beating a minnow by six goals. (Again, sorry Copenhagen.)

I’m not sure who to pick to win the Group. Juve has the talent, but also hasn’t put their new squad to the test against any notable competition. Same with Madrid. I do know that Gala will be heading to the Europa League in the third slot (they got a worse draw than Arsenal) and I know … well, enough bashing of Copenhagen. I’ll take the safe route and say Juve and Madrid tie atop the group, and the Italians win it on goal differential.

Prediction- Juve, Real, Gala, Copenhagen.

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