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Get Ready For a Messy Year in the NL Central

Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols have a lot in common. Both play the same position, both are perennial MVP candidates, both used (TBD) to play in the NL Central.

I’m going to call it and say Prince Fielder isn’t going to stay in Milwaukee. Chicago (NL) remains an option, but that situation has become a little murkier with the Cubs acquisition of Anthony Rizzo. Let’s say Fielder signs with the Nationals or some other mystery team outside of the NL Central for all intents and purposes.

Fielder is gone from Milwaukee (presumable, but let’s presume he is gone). The league’s other MVP, Ryan Braun, is out for 50 games for testing positive for a PED (by the way, their replacement is Aramis Ramirez). Pujols is now in position to take his kid to Disneyland on off days. The Cubs are in “rebuilding-while-trying-to-stay-competitive-mode”, which means basically they are shooting for 70 something wins. Pittsburgh is turning into a decent-to-good-team after an extremely long drought. Cincinnati might be the only team that could be a real playoff threat with an already solid team plus new ace Mat Latos.

Really besides Cincinnati, it’s messy, messy, messy and more messy. (Again assuming Prince Fielder sings outside the division).

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