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Month: December 2011

NBA Season Predictions Eastern Conference-

Atlantic- You’ve got Boston and New York: the old team trying not to fall apart too disgracefully and the up and comers with the shiny new toy. After that there’s the wing dominated, somewhat freakishly athletic Philadelphia 76ers. Following them Read More

Chris Paul is Going to the Clippers (and the Fit the Lakers Will Throw)

The Chris Paul saga has ended. And while the term “saga” has been used for a lot of fiascos and ongoing events, this one actually fit the definition of a saga:  A series of events or a story stretching over Read More

The Amnesty Clause’s Possible Affect on the League

The amnesty clause is the new-fangled exciting/controversial thing in the league that doesn’t suit up for the New Orleans Hornets or Orlando Magic, and isn’t speculation of trade rumors. The details of the clause aren’t one hundred percent clear yet, Read More

Does Dwight Howard Make the Nets an Immediate Contender?

“Yes” is probably the first thought that comes to mind. And in the long term Dwight Howard obviously makes them better. With Howard the Nets would have the best center in the league and the second or third best point Read More

Chris Paul Possible Trades

Chris Paul, along with Dwight Howard, is the topic of a number of trade speculations and predictions (and even a vetoed trade!). If you haven’t been over stimulated with others, here’s some more. Chris Paul to the New York Knicks Read More

Best Haul for Paul & Will His New Team Have Horns Like Darth Maul?

No. Sorry to disappoint or raise eyebrows, really. Chris Paul will not be playing for the Chicago Bulls or even the Milwaukee Bucks.  Plain and simple, plus that was the first corny rhyme that came to mind. Moving on to Read More

Is a Chris Paul Trade to the Lakers a Good thing?

There is speculation that Chris Paul is headed to Tinsletown with Pau Gasol going to the Houston Rockets. Lamar Odom will go to New Orleans with a group of players supposedly including Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic. Plus, Read More