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August Trades

The August 31st waiver trade deadline is a chance for teams to acquire a player to help them fill a hole that they didn’t address at the July 31st deadline or are filling a hole created by injury.
Sometimes the deals made in the year’s eighth month can shape a division or championship race. Just look at the Giants acquisitions of Cody Ross and Jose Guillen. Without Ross, and to some degree Guillen, the Giants wouldn’t have been in the position they were in.
Then there are deals that maybe didn’t work out, and the team faded out of it (See Pedro Feliz to Cardinals in August 2010).
Some acquisitions this year could end up being the next Cody Ross or they could be the next Pedro Feliz.
There were some teams that made some trades or a singular trade look like a sheer fleecing, and then there are the guys who absolutely lost the deal.
The Fleecing- Tigers Acquire Delmon Young from Twins. The Twins probably weren’t going to tender Young a contract, but they still lost the deal. The former number one overall pick has a .285 batting average while hitting in front of All-Universe first baseman Miguel Cabrera. The Twins got 2 minor league pitchers in return.
The Save-Some-Money-on-an-Expiring-Contract-Deal- Braves Acquire Jack Wilson. The M’s dealt their Opening Day second baseman after he continued to struggle with a bat, and to clear all the debris out of the path of prized second baseman Dustin Ackley.
The Sentimental Trade- Indians Acquire Jim Thome. The Indians brought back the newest member of the 600 homerun club for one last hurrah. That hurrah died in a bit of an awkward silence as the Indians fell behind the scorching Tigers.
The Contractual Albatross Pickup- Diamondbacks Acquire Aaron Hill and John McDonald for Kelly Johnson. Aaron Hill is only two years removed from a season in which he hit 36 homeruns and had 108 RBIs along with a .286 batting average. He’s only 29, so this could be a steal long term. In 31 games with the Snakes the second baseman has a .298 batting average. Much better than his .225 with the Blue Jays this year, and his .205 batting average last year.

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